CRATE is a full proposal for a non-profit organization benefitting children, schools, and communities in need. Culture is what gives us the ability to learn more, imagine bigger, and reach further. We stand on the shoulders of those who stood before us, but for some, those shoulders are weak and tired. This program was an in depth research look at how to provide anyone with strong shoulders to stand on. The project starts with books, but endeavors to continue into arts resources as well. Children in impoverished areas often do not have the reading and art materials they need to be inspired, grow, and open their minds to engaging thought. Yet in America, many communities live with plenty. Some of those communities would be pleased to share and raise up other communities, but have no opportunity. CRATE is meant to connect communities and individuals to share books and resources so all can have access to what many of us take for granted. This project was heavily worked on the side of research. The business plan was the mass of the project. It may not be as engaging as beautiful packaging, but it is critical for designers to engage people with thoughts and ideas, not just new logos, and pretty packages.
See the full Business Plan here.
"it is critical for designers to engage people with thoughts 
and ideas, not just new logos, and pretty packages."
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